14 May 2008

a surprising first.

I know I'm a relatively intelligent person but I've never been evaluated to any impressive results at any point of my academic career. But, with the final grades from last semester in, I've finally done it. Nick Campbell got straight As for the first time in his life. You're totally surprised, aren't you? How has Nick Campbell gone through his entire life and NOT gotten straight As?

I imagine it has something to do with my wanting to play video games and jump on the trampoline instead of studying in high school. Those things may actually have had a lot of impact on my first year in college, too (minus the trampoline). To a lesser extent I could blame my fake autism (which isn't real autism -- just a collection of antisocial behavior and a lack of conventional communication skills that makes you think, "Is there something wrong here?").

I have a bar now. It has been set. I can get straight As. And I have. I present to you: Nick Campbell, Sometimes Overestimated but Slowly Climbing Toward the Goals Set by the Self-Imposed Pressure of His Perception of His Genius Super Student, Maker of All As.