02 May 2007

secret club.

I was walking down Peachtree toward Bruster's before my exam (I felt since it was 2:15pm that I deserved a waffle cone) when a stranger ran up to me from the Aderhold direction. As a testament to how well my headphones work and how hardcore my music is, I couldn't understand a word he was saying. He looked a little crazy but he certainly wasn't angry. He was happy, jovial even. The man was grinning ear to ear and excitedly spoke with jerky hand gestures. I debated for a moment before pulling out my earbuds.

Me: Excuse me?
He: [with British accent] ... so great!
Me: Wha?

He noticed my confused look and pointed to my shirt. I forgot that I was wearing my Liverpool jersey.

Liverpool defeated Chelsea in the UEFA Champion's League semifinal yesterday in a shoot-out. I recorded it and caught most of the game today (my ineffectual DirecTV DVR cut off the last overtime period and shoot-out -- thanks for nothin') and decided to wear my jersey. Although I didn't think I would elicit any reactions.

So I played some sort of hand game with the very excited guy and he told me "good work." I walked on and got my ice cream cone, only to have people nod and congratulate me as I shoved double chocolate chunk in my mouth. Who knew there were so many people in my immediate area keeping up with UEFA? Outside of Liverpool, I don't really keep up, not even with the Italian teams (AC Milan is the other team on its way to Athens for May 23 tournament).

Apparently there is, in fact, a society only recently revealed to me that will cheer me on for liking a team based on a present given to me bought at Disney. Ahem, I mean, cheer me on for rooting for the Reds! Go Liverpool!

book of face.

When facebook first came around I couldn't join because I was not yet back at university. Then, upon my return, I deemed that facebook was for the youth and that I was far too old (now, MySpace on the other hand ...). And now ... well, now I've collapsed under the burden of the 18,000th person to tell me I needed to be on facebook. And we all know how I react to peer pressure.

So I'm there now. At least the code's a lot cleaner than MySpace. But I'm not sure about this poking business. What's that all about? I don't want to get poked. Who wants to be poked? Poke that.